Cookies Policy

The website uses cookies or similar technologies to improve your navigation on the website, as well as to send you promotional messages that meet your interests, as shown below.


Cookies are simple text files that allow a web server to store information about your electronic device (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.) throughout your visit (session cookies) and for subsequent visits of the website (persistent cookie). Browser saves them according to the settings you have chosen. Similar mechanisms, such as web beacons, transparent GIF files, and all forms of local storage introduced by HTML5 can also be used to collect information about user preferences. In order to simplify terms, referring to cookies, we mean all the above mechanisms. Cookies do not contain, and are not used by Fidelitti, its affiliates or any of its third-party service providers to collect, record or store, any of your personal data, including your full name, date of birth, address, phone numbers, passport data, payment card data (credit, debit or other) and other data.


Technical cookies

Session cookies: They are required for ensuring the proper functioning of our website and are used to manage the registration/authentication and access to certain services. They are temporarily stored during the navigation session and are automatically deleted from your device when the browser is closed. Note that if you disable session cookies, your access to those services that require registration/authentication can be limited. Constant, statistical and optimization-related cookies allow us to collect and analyze (anonymously) the traffic and navigation on the website, monitor the system, and improve the current operations, for example, to save your preferences for optimizing your subsequent visits to the website. They are not automatically deleted when the browser is closed, but stored on your computer for a certain period (for example, until the end of next year), or until you delete them. For more information on setting up and deleting cookies, go to the "Managing Cookies" section below.

Profile cookies

The website uses profile cookies of Fidelitti and independent service providers to track your navigation on our website in order to create profiles based on your tastes, habits, choices, etc.; and, therefore, it allows us to send you promotional messages that meet your preferences. Please note that disabling or deleting them will not allow us to send promotional messages that meet your preferences, and may affect the proper functioning of certain services and access to certain sections of the website.

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